Electric Scooter Safety and Riding Tips

How to rent a scooter

To rent a scooter you’ll need to have a smartphone and download an app for one of the popular electric scooter rental companies such as Bird, Lime, Uber and Lyft. Once you have the app installed you’ll go through an initial setup process where you may have to provide a drivers license and a credit card to begin using the services. The cost can vary slightly between companies but most charge per minute or mile of scooter use.

Take a moment to review the scooter – its features and controls are unique and new, and you are are about to operate this motorized vehicle on public streets. This means that you are responsible for obeying all traffic laws on the road. Including stopping at stop signs, red lights and observing right of way to pedestrians and cars.

Being under the influence of alcohol and operating a motorized vehicle is illegal in most cities. This applies to scooters, bicycles and all other electric powered devices. Causing an accident while intoxicated creates a much larger liability in most situations.

Know your limits and the scooters limits. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls and behaviour of the scooter. Scooters can get to speeds between 15mph – 20mph, accelerate very quickly and have poor breaking capabilities. To ride one you’ll need to be able to have good balance.

Scooters are designed to carry one rider, so keep to only one person per scooter. Especially do not take small children on as passengers.

Know or learn the correct way to take a fall if one should happen.

Safe Riding Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with the scooter
  • Wear a helmet!
  • Consider wearing pads
  • Check the tires
  • Follow all Traffic Rules
  • Concentrate on Your Surroundings
  • Be Conscious of barriers
  • Avoid slippery and rough surfaces
  • Ride slowly and in control
  • No tricks, stunts or showing off
  • One passenger per scooter

After the ride

Park the scooter in a location that does not block sidewalks, walkways or roads.

Be sure to end the ride in the app and don’t leave the scooter until you have confirmed the scooter has been locked and is no longer in your possession.